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We are a partner / listener supported ministry within the Messianic community, bringing inspiring, praise and worship music and the spoken word to all peoples at home here in the US, and internationally.. Vince and Deborah (husband and wife)  are the founders of Shir Chadash Ministries - pronounced (sheer ha-dash) which means A New Song (Ps.96).  Both share the same heart to honor God, by keeping the Jewish culture/perspective of our faith in Messiah, while sharing beautiful worship and joyful praise, testimony, and demonstrating a deeper understanding of Messiah through Jewish eyes, We minister in churches, Messianic congregations and conferences. Ultimately, We strive to reach out to all the community and beyond presenting the good news of our Messiah Yeshua - (Jesus).  (Isa. 52:7-9 and Rom. 10:14-15)." 

Shir Chadash Ministries are more than music, as we are also on the board of advisors of Israel Food Outreach, which ships out containers of food and quilts to Israel, to organizations such as The Joseph Project, and more than 65 other organizations in Israel to feed the poor and hungry, (Holocaust survivors, women, children, drug addicts in recovery and refugees, regardless of their background or religion). 
We pray that you find our music inspiring, healing, joyful, and worshipful. Also,  that you would  consider and continue  to support our ministry by purchasing our CD's, and inviting us out to minister at your church, congregation or event. Donations are also appreciated!

Partner with us today, and help make a difference!.

Deborah & Vince 

"Shiru L'Adonai shir chadash"    ("Sing to the Lord a new song" - Psalm 96)


Jewish Voice International TV with Jonathan Bernis Guests Walid Shoebat and Vince and Deborah Kline-Iantorno

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