Our Cuba Outreach trip with Wilbur Ministries

First we are so grateful to all of you who partnered with us financially, and to those of you who kept us in prayer. Know this….God answered VERY favorably!

You helped us load a large suitcase full of children’s medicines, toys, candy and tons of boxes good old American Cracker Jacks followed by lot’s of toothbrushes and toothpaste for the orphanage!

We were blessed to be part of Paul Wilbur’s anointed and talented team, who without knowing what to expect in Cuba, joined together as one body and in one accord to be a light to the nations, and to serve God, each other, and the beautiful Cuban people.

One of the events was cancelled due to a scheduling problem, so Paul had arranged for all of us to be on a bus touring Havana, and getting out there, where we were able to meet and speak with the Cuban people individually, by which our hearts were prepared to minister to them with a better understanding, and how to pray before the event. Hallelujah, we serve a great God who has everything under control, and guides us when we choose to serve Him!

While we were there, so many things happened that it’s almost hard to put it all into words. Fidel Castro’s son (Alejandro Castro) joined all of us one afternoon for lunch in a beautiful Havana setting by the beach. We conversed very casually, and he seemed to be happy to see Paul Wilbur again and I (being fully fluent in Spanish) had a nice little casual conversation with him as well. What struck me was that he seemed so happy that we were there!

During one evening, I met a woman in a marketplace and during our conversation I mentioned to her that we were doing a concert. She smiled and asked when and where? I then told her it was Christian and it was at the San Franciscan Basilica de Asis and she jumped up and kept saying over and over “It’s a miracle of God”!!!! “That church is a museum, and they hold concerts but NEVER has there been a Christian concert there or anywhere!!! She was smiling, shaking with excitement with gentile tears in her eyes. She showed up the next day at the event with all of her family and a few other families as well as with her pastor!

To our surprise, there where some who came wearing Kippa’s and with a flag of Israel! I conversed with many of them afterwards to find out that there is a Messianic community in Havana (some are quiet and in secret).

This event was not advertised, so of course no one knew what to expect, but it was packed full and they worshiped in freedom, as they never had before in a museum that was once a church, and once again (after 60 years), for that evening, became a place of worship. They were lifting hands as we were, and even began to dance. I looked toward the back of the room, where the women attendants (the ones who over see the museum), in their uniforms, formed a circle in the back and began dancing unto the Lord with so much joy, it makes me want to cry just writing about it.

At the end of the praise and worship concert, a large group of women approached me, and one shared that she was healed!!!! She had been limping for 20 years and had a sort of cane (that her friend was now carrying). She said that suddenly she got up off her seat and began to dance again for the first time in 20 years! They then asked for me to pray over them, after saying this is the first time anyone has done this in public!

We ended that glorious evening, at a restaurant, where Paul and I asked for candles, which I lit, and together sang a blessing as we brought in Chanukah! Interestingly she only had 2 candles.. another sign God was with us. We ONLY needed TWO.. The servant, and the first night!!! What a time to bring in the feast of dedication unto the light of the world, as he used us to be a light to the nations!

As we said before, we were invited to come again next year, and this time, they want to publicize the event. Praise God!

Now can I mention our tour guide? He shared with me in the beginning of the trip (very nicely) that he was not a believer. Well, when it was time to go home the morning after the concert, he told me that he’s “not sure after what I saw with my own eyes, that I can say that anymore” He was so happy to get the free CD’s and DVD’s and said he LOVED the music… and ALL OF US! He also said he couldn’t believe the love that we all brought there. He gave me a kiss good by on the cheek, and said “Dios te bendiga” (God bless you).

We had a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and people where touched for sure. We are already missing Cuba, the beautiful people, and are looking forward to going again next year as a part of the anointed worshipers in the Wilbur Ministries Team!

Soon to follow will be a DVD. We will let you know when it’s ready as there is so much more and you will hear Paul share as well.

Thank you again, and please keep the Cuban people and the next Cuba outreach in prayer!

Blessings in Messiah Yeshua
Deborah & Vince

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