From the recording Walk on Water

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Bless The L-rd All My Soul
D.Kline Iantorno/V.Iantorno ©2010

We lift up our hands to heaven
We lift up our voices to sing.
For Your Love is everlasting,
We rejoice in the King of kings

We are here as Your people
And the nations gathered all as one.
To declare – the glory due Your Name
We rejoice in the wonders You have done

G-d of wonder, G-d of Power, G-d of Mercy
Bless the L-rd all my Soul !
You are Awesome, You are Righteous, You are Holy
Bless the L-rd all my soul !

B’rachi nafshi et adonai Yeshuati
Bless the Lord all my Soul
B’rachi nafshi et Adonai Yeshuati
Bless the L-rd all my Soul