1. Who Is The One

From the recording Walk on Water

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Deborah Kline-Iantorno & Vince Iantorno ©2010

Who is the One there from the beginning,
Who is the One who always will be?
Who is the One bringing hope to the hopeless?
Who gave His life for me?
Yeshua Adonai! Yeshua Adonai!

Who was the One to be born of a virgin,
Prophesied many years before?
Who sits enthroned over Earth and the Heavens?
The sin of the world He bore!
Yeshua Adonai! Yeshua Adonai!

May all the blind Ones see - Messiah the Conquering King,
Seed of David - Lord of Israel.
May all the deaf ones hear - the time is drawing near;
May they hear it - when the Lion of Judah roars!

Who was the One resurrected to Heaven,
Giving Himself for the souls of man?
Who is the One, that is coming again
With Victory in His Hands?
Yeshua Adonai! Yeshua Adonai!

Adonai! - Yeshua Adonai
Adonai! - Yeshua Adonai!

Who always was? ADONAI
Who forever wiil be? YESHUA ADONAI
Bringing hope to the hopeless ADONAI
Who gave His live for me? YESHUA ADONAI

Who was born of a virgin? ADONAI
Prophesied many years before? YESHUA ADONAI
Who sits enthroned over heaven and earth - ADONAI
The sin of the world He bore - YESHUA ADONAI

Yeshua, Yeshua, Yeshua ADONAI
King of Kings and Lord of Lords YESHUA ADONAI
In the order of Malkizedek ADONAI
The One was for told - YESHUA ADONAI

Sing out His name and praise Him ADONAI
Sing out and call on His name YESHUA ADONAI
For He will always hear You – ADONAI
You will never be the same! - YESHUA ADONAI

Adonai! - Yeshua Adonai
Adonai! - Yeshua Adonai!