August/September 2010: Here and There

It seems like as we follow our calling, our eyes are open to new things everyday!

We recently ministered at the MJAA National Conference which took place at the Messiah College outside of Philadelphia, where there was a huge attendance despite today’s economy. Both Messianic Jewish believers and Christian organizations attended to see what Adonai had in store this year! This is the second summer in a row that we have ministered there. This year was an incredible and powerful conference with some very poignant speakers, great teachings, and great music ministry from many messianic music artists. We saw first hand, the power of our Lord and Savior Yeshua, as many people received healing, and many others came to know their Messiah.

Shortly thereafter,… six days to be exact, we made our first trek to the Holy land during July and August. We led worship on what we are told and have to believe after experiencing it, is one of the best Tours of Israel. A Tour headed by Rabbi Larry Feldman. We returned with a whole new perspective on the Gospel, Biblical History from the time of the Patriarchs, as well as prophecy being fulfilled with regards to the return of Jews to Eretz Y’srael from the four corners of the earth! We also saw first hand the multitude of issues they face today., as well as the difficulties that believers are experiencing. We must pray for Israel and be glad and give thanks knowing that the Lord is orchestrating everything.

While on our trip, we had a chance to meet up with some friends who live and minister in Arad at one of the Messianic congregations there. They picked us up from our Hotel at the Dead Sea, and on our way to Arad. we began to see first hand the extreme persecution of believers there. Their home has been the subject of surveillance, there is continual harassment including of a physical nature, even their children are harassed in their schools. To our surprise, we also found that there is a significant number of Spanish speaking Jews who’s ancestors were part of the Diaspora and have made it back “home”. They too are facing persecution. We ended up leaving Spanish CD’s in Israel to be passed out to those who have come home, but speak mainly Spanish.

Since our return, we have been invited to minister at the Mexican Jewish Alliance in Mexico. There are many “tight knit” communities of Jews all over Mexico, who do not yet know their Messiah. As you know, Mexico is a poor country, they cannot afford to just go out and buy extras like worship CD’s, yet they are so hungry to hear the word of G-d in everyway they can. So we wound up donating Spanish CD’s to the Alliance to be passed out to the poor believers, but also as a tool to reach the unsaved Jewish population there. What better way to approach someone but with a gift of music, a non threatening universal language! We have been invited to minister at the Conference there in July 2011, and are prayerfully planning to attend, as the L-rd provides the funds for us to get there.

Three weeks ago, other friends of ours were headed to Uruguay where there is a Messianic community, they pay their way to minister once again, to another very poor Country who hunger and thirst for the Lord. Marianne Wagner, a very anointed Messianic dance teacher, prepared a team of dancers who were also heading there to minister, and taught them the dances to both the English and Spanish version of our entire CD. They were going to dance and teach them the dances, so we also donated a box of our Spanish version CD to be passed out to them, and are also prayerfully considering going there next year as well, after our Australia tour in February/March 2011.

Vince and Deborah

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